Booklet labels offer significantly more space for important information, compared to common stickers and even sandwich labels. Booklets can be used in a variety of applications, e.g. sales support, sweepstakes rules, product presentations, coupons for competition participants, etc.
They can be used to replace a combination of a conventional label, leaflet and box with one product on the jar. The booklet can contain a small gift, e.g. a magnet, a tattoo, a gift card or a sticker (see Gift labels).


versions with lamination

leaflet / brochure is laminated to the lower self-adhesive label (possibly as a shortened lower label for round-shaped jars)

leaflet / brochure is laminated directly to the base silicon layer (booklet without the bottom self-adhesive label)

versions without lamination

attached to the bottom self-adhesive label with two glue stripes (underneath the spine and for closing)

combination of a glue stripe and a seal label (glue stripe for attachment underneath the spine and additional label for resealing the booklet)

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