Purpose-made labels tailored to your product

Comprehensive services in the field of self-adhesive label, ticket, scratch card and leaflet printing


Most of our products can be printed using a variety of printing technologies.

Printing technology

UV HD flexography
(as many as 9 colours)

Water HD flexography

Screen printing

Digital low-volume printing

Hot and cold stamping


Other technological options

Printing into glue (up to 3 colours)

Controlled lamination

Precise application of labels on labels

Precise application of labels on labels

Subsequent printing of safety features


Subsequent printing of safety features

Subsequent printing of variable features

Scratch-off or heat sensitive layer

Punching with waste suction

Finalization in sheet

Thermo and TTR additional print

Do you need advice?

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About us

Etix, s.r.o. was founded in 2002, building on the 10-year experience of the company IngMar. In addition to the production of standard self-adhesive labels in rolls of white TTR and thermo labels, we specialise in the production of multilayer labels (“sandwich labels”) and booklet (leaflet) labels and the production of special self-adhesive labels for advertising and sales support purposes.